24/10/2016 11:57 BST | Updated 24/10/2016 12:15 BST

'Strictly Come Dancing': Ed Balls' Partner Katya Jones Reveals What It's Really Like Working With The Former MP

'He gets too dizzy from all the spins and turns so he has to lie down...'

Ed Balls‘Strictly Come Dancing’ partner Katya Jones has opened up about what it’s really like working with him, after a decidedly shaky performance in Saturday’s (22 October) live show.

Katya has revealed that the former MP is suffering from “dizzy spells” in training, which led to one of the most nail-biting almost-drops in ‘Strictly’ history.

Oh, Ed
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Ed Balls and Katya Jones

However, she does have some praise for Ed’s improvement throughout the competition, adding: “Dad dancing is his character so I don’t want him to lose that, but of course the technique is important.

“But I don’t want him to lose his own little style which is great really. He doesn’t see that it’s a massive improvement but he is improving so much.”

Despite Ed’s live blunder, he sailed through to the next round of live shows, with Leslie Joseph bowing out, after a dance-off against Daisy Lowe.

The most recent instalment was also a contestant down, after Laura Whitmore was forced to pull out at the eleventh hour, after sustaining an ankle injury.

She’s expected to be returning for next week’s live show, which will have a Halloween theme.

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