'Strictly Come Dancing' 2016: Ed Balls Makes Embarrassing 'Fluffer' Admission

Oh, Ed.

Ed Balls has revealed he made a rather unfortunate faux pas during a recent ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ photo-shoot.

The former Labour MP is currently receiving the full celeb treatment as one of the 15 stars taking part in ‘Strictly’, which includes getting a glam makeover for a photo op to promote the new series.

However, he’s admitted that he raised eyebrows among the crew when he got his words mixed up, and wound up inadvertently making a rather saucy request.

<strong>Ed Balls</strong>
Ed Balls
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<strong>Ed Balls hits the 'Strictly' dance floor</strong>
Ed Balls hits the 'Strictly' dance floor
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There is not a monkey-covering-its-eyes emoji big enough for this situation, but we’re pleased Ed is proving to be everything we hoped on ‘Strictly’.

And for anyone unfamiliar with the term ‘fluffer’, feel free to look it up… once you’re safely in the comfort of your own home, that is.

Ed made his ‘Strictly’ dance floor debut in the second of this weekend’s live shows, where he and partner Katya Jones came in at the bottom of the leaderboard for their waltz.

Fortunately for them, he’s guaranteed at least one more week in the competition, as eliminations don’t take place until the second week of live shows.

‘Strictly’ continues on Saturday (1 October) on BBC One.

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