'Strictly Come Dancing': Katya Jones' Husband Neil Questioned 'Curse' A Week Before Seann Walsh Kiss Scandal

"If people want to cheat, they will cheat no matter what."

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ professional Neil Jones questioned the existence of the show’s so-called “curse”, just a week before his wife Katya was caught on camera kissing her celebrity partner Seann Walsh.

Neil and Katya are currently in the middle of their third series on ‘Strictly’, a show which has made headlines on multiple occasions after its famous participants’ relationships have ended either during or shortly after their time in the competition.

Neil and Katya Jones at last year's 'Strictly' red carpet launch
Neil and Katya Jones at last year's 'Strictly' red carpet launch
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Speaking to Heat magazine about the “‘Strictly’ curse”, Neil said: “It’s just one of them things where I just say, is it real?

“If they want to cheat, they will cheat no matter what. I don’t think it’s a curse it just happens.”

He also said of her male partners: “Well, Ed [Balls] did have beautiful eyes. But I have more of a bromance with her partners. I’m normally the one saying, ‘Katya, don’t be harsh on them!’”

Katya and Seann both issued apologies on their social media pages shortly after footage of them kissing in the street emerged.

Shortly after, the comedian’s now-ex posted her own statement, suggesting he’d branded her a “psycho” when she questioned whether anything was going on when he chose to spend her birthday with his dance partner rather than her.

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones
Seann Walsh and Katya Jones

Following his ex’s statement, Seann faced calls to back out of ‘Strictly’ altogether, though the BBC has revealed he’s not planning to quit the show, and will be performing a Charleston in Saturday night’s live show.

Neil, meanwhile, is yet to comment on the kiss drama, but has been active on social media, sharing a video of Katya and Seann’s latest performance, as well as a scantily-clad photo of himself on his Instagram page.

‘Strictly’ continues on BBC One at 6.40pm on Saturday night.

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