Student Nick Jablonka Who Fooled The Internet With Fake John Lewis Christmas Ad Offered A Job

The student's video has been watched almost half a million times.

The student who fooled the Internet with his amazing spoof John Lewis Christmas ad has been offered a job after impressing advertising bosses.

The 85-second ad “The Snowglobe” tells the tale of a lonely snowman longing for a friend while trapped inside one of the festive ornaments.

<strong>Jablonka's fake John Lewis ad has been watched almost half a million tim</strong>es
Jablonka's fake John Lewis ad has been watched almost half a million times

The video, which has been watched almost half a million times, was so good many called for John Lewis to hire the young film maker.

Facebook user Jan Harrison-Ashley commented: “It’s brilliant and made me cry. Give this guy a job someone.”

Anthea Holmes added: “John Lewis, meet your newest employee. He’s brilliant and he can do the work of an entire team!”

But PR agency W Communications may have beaten them to it, tweeting a job offer to the Bournemouth University student.

The company say they have created a “bespoke role” for Jablonka, which he can take now or when he graduates from university.

Director Sophie Raine said: “Nick’s work captured our attention - we were all inspired by his ingenuity and creativity, especially given his age.

“Advertising agencies are paid billions by brands to try and replicate exactly what Nick, aged 17 [at the time], has managed to do with his fake John Lewis ad.

“We spoke to Nick this morning, who told us the last 24 hours has been ‘absolutely crazy’.”

W Communications are meeting Jablonka later in the week to discuss the offer.