"Every online meeting is making a difference," the advert reads. Really, though?
The ad is the third most complained about of all time, says the Advertising Standards Authority.
From periods and birth to miscarriage and menopause, "our bodies can bring joy, but also pain and devastation".
"It was a bit shocking to see this so brazenly out in the wild in 2020," one woman tells HuffPost UK.
An independent hardware shop might have made the Christmas advert of the year – and for only £100. Hafod Hardware in Powys, Wales, made the festive spot on a tiny budget compared to the likes of John Lewis, Walkers and Burberry, who are known to spend millions. The advert features a young lad called Arthur set up the shop with his family.
The animation was originally made by Greenpeace.
From Amazon to Budweiser, these are the commercials that won the Super Bowl for best ads.
'It showed a vast ignorance of a history in which blackness has been linked to dirtiness.'