04/04/2017 08:51 BST | Updated 04/04/2017 12:49 BST

The Sun Front Page Has A Rather Contradictory Message On How We Should Feel About Spain

'Up yours senors!'

You’d be forgiven if The Sun’s front page on Tuesday left you a little confused about how precisely we are supposed to be feeling about Spain.

So we have the splash, on the Gibraltar issue currently...

The Sun
The Sun's front page on Tuesday

This was accompanied by the text: “The Sun today demands Spain and the EU take their hands off Our Rock.”

So the message from the tabloid is loud and proud: “UP YOURS SENORS.”

But wait.

What’s that offer in the top right hand corner? 

The Sun
Cheap holidays!

The offer covers trips to “France, Italy, Holland, Croatia, Austria...and Spain!”

Yes, Spain.

The irony did not escape some...

Others just despaired of the front page in general...

On Monday, Downing Street confirmed it would not be sending a military taskforce to Gibraltar amid suggestions of war with Spain over the British territory.

The Prime Minster’s official spokesman repeatedly insisted the UK was “steadfast” in its support for the peninsula, after the EU revealed last week Spain could exclude Gibraltar from any post-Brexit trade deal.

Former Tory leader Lord Howard ratcheted up tensions with Spain on Sunday when he compared the trade dispute to Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982.

The peer insisted Theresa May would “show the same resolve” to Gibraltar as Margaret Thatcher gave to the Falklands, prompting suggestions that the UK military could be deployed against Spain.