07/07/2018 18:20 BST | Updated 07/07/2018 18:20 BST

Swedish Ambassador Gives Lesson In How To Lose Graciously At Football

Pure class, Sir.

The Swedish ambassador to the UK has given a masterclass in how to be a gracious loser after he was praised for his classy response to England beating his team in the quarter final of the World Cup.

Torbjörn Sohlström not only congratulated Gareth Southgate’s team for the 2-0 victory that sent the Swedes crashing out of the tournament, but even managed to pledge his support in the next round.

Once he’s gotten over his disappointment that is...

Dubbed “one of the nicest guys on the diplomatic circuit”, he tweeted to congratulate England and admitted they had been the stronger team.

He also praised the England goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, who saved several shots during the match. 

He added: “When I have digested the result, I will support Three Lions.” 

His gracious response has earned him some fans, with Labour MP Keir Starmer praising him for his “great spirit” and Bonnie Greer saying he is the “definition of class”.

England will now face either Croatia or Russia in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on Wednesday evening. 

The opponents will be decided in tonight’s 7pm game.