Swifties Are Set For An EVEN Bigger 2024 As Taylor Swift Cruise Announced

Look what you made me do... to my bank account.

It is a truly great era to be a Swiftie.

From reclaiming her old albums by re-recording them, to a record-breaking tour and accompanying movie to now being a PDA-queen with Kansas City-Chiefs player Travis Kelce.

Now, just as many of us thought we’d hit our peak with nabbing tickets for the Eras Tour, one travel company is giving Swifties the chance to celebrate all things Taylor in October 2024.

The “In My Cruise Era” trip

While this tour is not affiliated with Taylor and is very unlikely to host her (imagine), travel agency Marvellous Mouse Travels are still guaranteeing a Swiftie extravaganza, saying: “Join us as we celebrate all things Taylor, make new friends, dress up in our favourite eras, trade friendship bracelets, and enjoy everything this amazing ship has to offer.”

They add: “This cruise is for all fans, so bring your besties, your moms and dads, your baby fans, and if you need someone to room with, post on our page and ask.”

The itinerary features a welcome cocktail party, a trivia night, a dance party, karaoke, and perhaps most endearingly, the opportunity to swap friendship bracelets.

Based on the lyric, “make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it” from Taylor Swift’s song “You’re On Your Own Kid”, fans have started swapping friendship bracelets at shows and the cruise is looking to continue this sweet tradition.


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The five-day trip starts at the port of Miami before heading to Coco Cay — a private island owned by Royal Caribbean, Nassau in the Bahamas and a day at sea before returning to the Port of Miami.

Double occupancy rooms that are still available start at $1573 but for an Oceanview Balcony, guests can expect to pay $1967. This fee includes the room, refreshments and all activities – you can see the full booking page here.

Brb, checking my savings account.

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