This Teacher Has Come Up With The Best Way To Teach Children About Their Bodies

We want one too.

Getting your children interested in science can sometimes be a struggle.

But one teacher has found the perfect way to teacher her young students about anatomy, and keep their complete attention.

Mrs Missy at ABC Child Development Centre built replica body suits out of cardboard that her children can wear in class as they learn biology.

The Pinterest-worthy creations come complete with inflatable lungs (that the students blow up using straws), a pink heart and even a working esophagus that connects to their stomach.

One student, Tristan, happily demonstrates his stomach by dropping sweets into his ‘throat’.

The unique video has now been watched over 10,000,000 times with so many parents impressed by Missy’s teaching.

Valerie Rolle said: “This is absolutely awesome and the best way to learn.”