Rio 2016 Olympics Medal Table Is Enough To Cheer The Most Depressed Of Remain Voters

Partially at least...
<strong>Britain's Tom Daley, left, and Daniel Goodfellow celebrate winning bronze after their final dive during the men's synchronized 10-meter platform diving final.</strong>
Britain's Tom Daley, left, and Daniel Goodfellow celebrate winning bronze after their final dive during the men's synchronized 10-meter platform diving final.

The UK is in the thrall of the Rio Olympics right now as we all collectively revel in Team GB’s brilliant performances.

One look at the medal table tells you everything you need to know:

But cast your mind back just a few weeks to when the over-riding emotions in the country were division, uncertainty and fear in the wake of the EU referendum vote.

Oh, and disappointment with England’s dismal Euros performance (not you Wales, you did great 👌).

<strong>You'd managed to forget about this, hadn't you?</strong>
You'd managed to forget about this, hadn't you?
Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

Team GB appears to have done the impossible and reunited us all around a common cause and given a lift to what was looking like a fairly dreary summer.

To illustrate this we’ve rounded up 11 Remainers - some known, some less so) who two months ago were in despair but are now once again proud to be British.

1) Gary Lineker

Lineker was clearly devastated after the result, suggesting the effects would last for years to come.

And for good measure he’d already made his feelings about a certain Brexiteer well-known.

And Now...

2) Michael Pattinson

The Nottingham native viewed the result as an actual car crash (the gif is of James May and Richard Hammond watching a rocket-powered Robin Reliant fall to earth).

And Now...

3) Piers Morgan.

The outspoken commentator drowned his Brexit blues with a bottle of the Continent’s finest served with a side of apology.

And Now... (although he did ruin it a bit with the whole ‘silver and bronze is losing’ saga)...

4) Stephen Leng

OK Magazine’s digital editor, Stephen Leng, was clearly exasperated at all those Leave voters who didn’t seem to think their vote would count.

And Now...

He’s still probably in for a bit of a wait on the musical side of things but he seems happy enough.

5) Alastair Campbell

Campbell, not ever known for beating about the bush, was pretty blunt in his views.

And Now...

Although he does seem to be holding out hope for an unlikely political gesture.

6) Sam Squire

Squire was so peeved he considered going AWOL from his own country.

And Now...

7) Tupele Dorgu

The theatre actress’s emoji use says it all.

And Now...

8) Girls Know Football Too

Obviously no fan of Mr Farage, this sports writer from York was another considering emigrating.

And Now...

9) Calling All Astronauts

Electro goth punk band, Calling All Astronauts, blamed Brexit on the oldies.

And Now...

10) James Hallwood

James’s whole family were left in a pit of despair but give that man a gold medal for the turnaround.

And Now...

11) Andrew Eccles

Only the adorable face of Mary Berry could make amends for the actions of the UK in the eyes of Mr Eccles. Fortunately that didn’t last long (even if he did call us all weird).

And Now...

So there we go, sport really can bring us together.