'The Last Leg' And Adam Hills Lay Down The Truth About Immigration In The UK

'Blindly intolerant ballbag.'

The immensely entertaining 'The Last Leg' has spoken a few truths about racism and immigration in the wake of the EU referendum.

Host Adam Hills began a segment by outlining a major misconception held by much of the UK public.

He said: "There was a survey towards the end of the referendum that found most British people vastly overestimate the amount of migrants in the UK.

<strong>Adam Hills.</strong>
Adam Hills.
Channel 4

"The average person in Britain thinks that 15% of the UK population are migrants but the actual number if 5%."

Immigration was a fundamental issue in the lead up to the referendum with criticism against both sides for making the debate increasingly xenophobic as it went on.

After the vote there was a spike in reported hate crimes across the country with multiple incidents across the country.

Hills had a rather blunt assessment of those committing such acts.

He said: "If you're distributing racist material you're being a dick.

"If you're painting graffiti on a cultural centre you're being a dick.

"And if you're telling a second generation Indian woman who was born in England and whose parents come from a country that isn't even in the EU that she should go back to where she came from, you're being a wilfully ignorant, geographically illiterate, blindly intolerant ballbag."