The Lib Dem Press Office And 17 Times It Was The Most Entertaining Thing In British Politics

Seriously, they're hilarious.

With Brexit, a new PM and the ongoing conflict in the Labour party, you’d be forgiven for forgetting there was not too long ago, a third big contender in the realm of British politics.

Remember the Lib Dems?

Y’know, the yellow ones who fell from coalition big league to eight-seat minority overnight on one fateful night last year.

Here’s a reminder of what that did to Danny Alexander’s face...


Since then they’ve replaced Nick Clegg and have been soldiering on with Tim Farron at the helm.

While the party may have struggled to make itself heard above the rhetoric of Brexit and the absurdities of the Labour leadership contest, there has been one facet of the party that has been consistently nailing it.

You wouldn’t think it but the team’s Twitter maestro(s) have been throwing all kinds of shade and sass into the digital ether of late.

Here’s a selection of their finer moments...

1) Trolling Labour. Hard.

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

2) This excellent comeback to ‘chubby’.

3) Knocking down the old ‘too much time on their hands’ line.

Jon should have left it there but didn’t.

4) This sarcastic piece of art about Grant Shapps.

5) Taking the piss out of #traingate in glorious self-deprecating style.

Although not everyone got it.

6) And while we’re on the subject of #traingate...

7) This no nonsense Corbyn putdown.

7) This response to being blocked by George Osborne.

8) And another...

9) They may be small but they are still mighty.

10) Before they were knocking Corbyn, they were doing the same to Ed.

11) Acting as Labour’s Ken ‘Hitler’ Livingstone klaxon.

12) Ripping Twitter uber-troll Steve Brookstein.

13) This superb dig at Corbyn’s revolting shadow cabinet.

14) They’re clearly loving the Labour leadership contest.

15) Great one-liners.

16) Not taking any crap.

17) And to finish with...

And if you enjoyed that...