Tim Farron

An Open Letter to Tim Farron

Hisham Nehar | Posted 19.05.2015 | UK Politics
Hisham Nehar

With you as the front runner and likely successor to Clegg as Liberal Democrat Leader, I feel I ought to express some thoughts and make some points to consider moving forward after the party's decimation at the election.

Is This The Man Who Will Save The Lib Dems?

PA | Posted 14.05.2015 | UK Politics

Tim Farron has joined the Liberal Democrat leadership contest, saying the party faces the "fight of our life" to prove it is still relevant. The fo...

Who Will Be The Next Labour And Lib Dem Leaders? We Look At The Contenders

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.05.2015 | UK Comedy

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have both stepped down - and the race to find the next leaders of Labour and the Liberal Democrats has begun. So who's in t...

The First Odds On Who Will Be The Next Lib Dem Leader

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 08.05.2015 | UK Comedy

Nick Clegg has resigned - but who's going to take his place? Here are the first lot of odds, courtesy of bookies Robin Flavell, David Schneider and Da...

Why MPs Aren't Doing What They're Told - And Why That Might Be a Good Thing

Jack Butler | Posted 24.03.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Jack Butler

Party leaders will no doubt be wary of MPs who choose to ignore the orders that come down from the central office. Despite that, it seems they're here to stay. And after all, don't we all want politicians who represent the people that elected them, rather than being slavishly devoted to party interest?

Vince Cable Attacks Tim Farron's 'Credibility' As Next Lib Dem Leader

PA/The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 24.03.2015 | UK Politics

Vince Cable has warned that Tim Farron, one of the most strongly-backed candidates to replace Nick Clegg, would not be "credible" as leader of the Lib...

The Conservatives Are Underplaying Our Hand in Europe and It Benefits No-one - Except Russia

Tim Farron | Posted 11.05.2015 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

The Conservative's foreign policy isn't foreign, it's not even domestic - it's electioneering skewed by Ukip's populism. That is not leadership and it undermines our diplomatic efforts... I am fully in favour of EU reform. But I am passionately against Euro-phobia. Especially in the context of a resurgent Russia, an assassinated opposition leader, 6,000 dead, an annexed Crimea and increasing nervousness around the Baltic states.

Ned Simons

Tim Farron: Nick Clegg Is 'Lovely' About Lib Dem Leadership Speculation

HuffingtonPost.com | Ned Simons | Posted 24.03.2015 | UK Politics

Tim Farron speaks to The Huffington Post about the general election, why the Lib Dems must be willing to walk away from power and why he should be a m...

Chilcot Report Delay Is Unacceptable

Tim Farron | Posted 04.04.2015 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

The failure to stand up to political pressure from the US has been catastrophic. But my fear is that unless the Chilcot report is published, quickly, we will not alter our foreign policy accordingly. Old habits die hard: David Cameron still attaches enormous importance to the style of his reception in the White House, while Ed Miliband worked extremely hard to gain the approval of the US President last summer... We owe our armed forces more than this. We owe their families an explanation. And we owe our country the right to hold their leaders to account: we must sort the delays and publish Chilcot before the election.

Pandering to Ukip Risks Handing Over British-Grown Ideas to Overseas Competitors

Tim Farron | Posted 18.02.2015 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

Helping genuine refugees with support into a new independent life, where they can work, learn English and to be part of this country. Letting inaccurate stereotypes fuel the debate will harm our country in the long run.

New Loans for Post-Grads Can Make Our Society Fairer

Tim Farron | Posted 04.02.2015 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

You can now get a Government loan for postgraduate study. You might know - or be - a young people whose stories are similar to the student who, when offered a scholarship for a masters, "burst into tears and said that it would change his life."

You Don't Need to Be Bill Gates to Be a Philanthropist - The Young Professionals Are Getting in on the Game

Tim Farron | Posted 17.01.2015 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

This is not a party political issue. I'm not saying that we shouldn't sort out those deep structural issues holding us all back. In my view, this is absolutely not a substitute for Government aid and I am incredibly proud that the Lib Dems are making it law for Government to invest 0.7% of GDP in overseas Aid. But 21st Century philanthropy is no longer for the astronomically rich.

My Faith Doesn't Dictate My Political Position - It Shapes What I Am Passionate About

Tim Farron | Posted 07.01.2015 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

Being a Christian doesn't dictate my political position in the way that you might stereotypically think. I don't believe in a theocracy! I am a liberal in my politics so naturally I'll vote differently from my colleagues in other parties. But it does shape what I get passionate about - housing for those in need, compassion and dignity for those claiming asylum, tackling poverty. What is more, realising that you are part of a religious (and political!) minority tends to heighten my liberal instincts to protect freedom of speech and association, and to defend those on the margins whose worth is undermined, ignored or misunderstood in a rush to appeal to the majority.

What Can Government do to Help the Self Employed?

Tim Farron | Posted 26.12.2014 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

Unlike Ed Miliband, I won't sit around deriding improved employment figures. There are problems we must fix instead of running negative campaigns - for instance, ONS estimates suggest that the average (median) income of the self-employed has fallen by around 22% since 2008, at least in part because many of the self-employed are working fewer hours than they would like. As the economy improves in the years ahead, some may prefer to move back for the security of full-time employment - if so, they will take with them valuable experience of huge benefit to the organisations they join.

The Lib Dem Leadership Race Isn't Even Subtle Anymore

Ned Simons | Posted 07.12.2014 | UK Politics
Ned Simons

Liberal Democrats in Glasgow are demob happy. Not because they are pleased to be languishing at 7% in the polls, but because it's too late to do anything about it.

I'm Determined That a No Vote Won't Just Mean We Return to the Status Quo

Tim Farron | Posted 29.10.2014 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

As a northerner I believe we are Better Together. I am bound to say that I suppose, but I really do believe the UK is better together. I think that the bonds and shared history that hold us together rises above the endless facts and figures, many of which are directly contradicted by the other side, we hear being bandied about in the debate. I guess the ferocity of the debate shows one thing, that this vote matters. I think Alex Salmond for his many, many talents, has failed to articulate a coherent case for why Scotland should be independent.

Hackney Heroine Slams Lib Dems' 'Neanderthal' Diversity Views

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 17.08.2014 | UK Politics

The woman dubbed the Hackney Heroine for standing up to rioters in 2011 has announced she is stepping down from the race to be Liberal Democrat presid...

Mental Health - Ending the Silence

Tim Farron | Posted 30.09.2014 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

One of the things I am most proud of our party for in government, is the emphasis we are putting on mental health. I want to pay tribute to Paul Burstow and Norman Lamb for their work on this and I also want to thank Lib Dem party members like Lee Dargue who have put in hours and hours, campaigning on this issue. Mental health services are absolutely vital but tragically find themselves swept under the carpet all too often. This silence must end. It costs lives, divides our society and harms our young people. We must have the courage to open our eyes to the truth about mental health and act.

Ned Simons

Tim Farron Warns Lib Dems Must Not Be 'Permanent See-Saw Coalition Partner'

HuffingtonPost.com | Ned Simons | Posted 18.07.2014 | UK Politics

The Lib Dems will be annihilated at the election if they try to be a "permanent see-saw coalition partner", the party president Tim Farron will warn t...

Why Politicians Need to Get Tech-Savvy, or Get Left Behind

Tim Farron | Posted 02.09.2014 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

There is a very real risk that policymakers ignore the tech sector because they don't understand it or because they are scared of not looking like an expert. I think this blind spot is also linked to overly managerial politic: politics that responds more to polls than to fresh opportunities, that listens to focus groups in order to invent new ways of saying the same thing, rather than engaging dynamically with the new innovations emerging.

How to Save Energy Bills, Build Better Homes and Cut the Carbon: Zero Carbon Homes

Tim Farron | Posted 12.08.2014 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

From 2016, all homes will be "Zero Carbon Homes." This policy is a golden opportunity: every new homeowner can enjoy the security of cheaper energy bills, a warmer, drier home and better health as a result. The human tragedy of climate change is brought centre stage, not dismissed.

Ned Simons

Tory MPs To Be Ordered To Re-Introduce EU Referendum Bill

HuffingtonPost.com | Ned Simons | Posted 04.06.2014 | UK Politics

David Cameron will make one more attempt to get his plan for a in/out EU referendum by 2017 into law before the 2015 general election. The prime mi...

The Conservatives Have Become UKIP-Lite on Europe

Tim Farron | Posted 06.07.2014 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

The Tories' failure to defend Britain's EU membership is of a different nature altogether. They seem to have gone quiet in order to hide what we already know - most Conservatives want to leave the EU. They simply don't care that it supports British jobs, helps fight climate change and makes our streets safer. They aren't interested in the huge benefits the EU gives consumers through cheaper shopping bills, travel and mobile phone roaming, and they are certainly not interested in projecting British influence and values around the world through the EU amplifier.

'Serious Questions' About Cyril Smith Sex Abuse Allegations

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 26.04.2014 | UK Politics

The Liberal Democrats need to answer "serious questions" about who knew that former MP Sir Cyril Smith faced allegations of sex abuse, the party's pre...

European Parliament Makes It Easier for You to Know What's in the Medicines You're Taking

Tim Farron | Posted 23.06.2014 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

Doctors regularly get accused of treating their patients like children by not revealing all the facts, but it's nothing compared to how drugs companies can treat doctors. Astonishingly drugs companies are often under no legal burden to make their research public, despite millions of people depending on the drugs they develop for treatment.