The Little Mermaid Live-Action Remake: Fans Call For Lizzo To Play Ursula As Twitter Video Resurfaces

Melissa McCarthy may already be in talks with bosses, though.

Last week, Disney bosses announced they’ve found the perfect Ariel for the Little Mermaid live action remake, leaving fans wondering who would be playing the film’s other roles.

There’s one subject in particular that everyone is (rightly) fussing over – who can take on the task of playing the iconic villain Ursula?

Plenty of names are being floated (more on them later) but it seems one star has already inadvertently auditioned for the role.

A tweet from November 2018 shows woman of the moment Lizzo dressed as Ursula, performing a section of Poor Little Souls.

Aware that the remake was happening, and that she probably has a decent shot at getting role, Lizzo captioned the video: “I’M URSULA. PERIOD. @Disney.”

In light of the latest Little Mermaid news, Lizzo’s clip has been doing the rounds again and fans resharing it agree she’s perfect for the part...

Lizzo isn’t the only star being touted as a candidate for the part and rumour has it Mellisa McCarthy is one step ahead of the singer, having allegedly met with bosses for talks.

Other people being suggested as possible candidates include Queen Latifah, Octavia Spencer and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Latrice Royale.

Ariel will be played by 19-year-old Halle Bailey, who is best known for her work in the music industry, as one half of the singing duo Chloe X Halle.

She’s no stranger to the big (or small) screen though, having appeared in movie A Wrinkle In Time and the TV series Grown-Ish.

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