08/08/2017 14:09 BST

The Men In This Family Shaved Their Heads To Support A Loved One With Breast Cancer

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A family has been praised for supporting their loved one with breast cancer by taking part in a mass hair shaving.

Jacqueline Tomczyk, from New York, explained that all the men in her family shaved their heads to show their support, while the women dyed their hair with pink streaks.

“After all the negativity I’ve witnessed both on Facebook and on the news lately, I had to share what an amazing family I was lucky enough to marry into,” she said.

“Yesterday we came together to surprise and to support an aunt, a mother, a wife and a sister who is battling breast cancer. Luckily she discovered it early on and should make a full recovery.

“The men in the family shaved their heads and the woman had pink streaks in their hair. My boys (two and four) even wanted to get in on it (we pretended with them).” 

The family took part in the head shave back in January, but the photos recently appeared on the Love What Matters Facebook page after Tomczyk submitted them to be shared with the world. 

“With all the negativity in the world it was great to come together as a family for someone we love, to show support and shed some tears, but to mostly laugh,” she said.

In a further comment, Tomczyk said she decided not to shave the children’s heads because it was very cold at the time.

“They were just as excited to pretend and we sprayed their hair pink,” she said. “It was a wonderful day.”

More than 1,800 people have reacted to the status on Love What Matters, with many praising the family for coming together during the difficult time. 

“Great men and strong women raising amazing kids. God bless your whole family, you will beat this together and that’s awesome,” one user said.

Another added: “Beautiful story! Thank you for some positivity and hopefulness.”

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