The National Nicola Sturgeon Cover Sees Scottish National Party Leader Compared To The 'Numskulls'

'All Hail Supreme Leader Nicola Sturgeon'.

Nicola Sturgeon has been called "the supreme leader" and compared to comic The Numskulls after her picture was made to look like a "soviet propaganda poster" by The National newspaper in Scotland.

The newspaper, that markets itself as "the newspaper that supports an independent Scotland", left its readers in no doubt who it thought they should vote for in today's elections.

It super imposed the First Minister's picture over a Scottish flag, but made her head partly transparent. A smaller Sturgeon could be seen inside, addressing a crowd.

Some joked the picture made Sturgeon look like the "reboot of the Numbskulls", while others compared the iconography to that used by Russian and to celebrate China's former community party leader, Mao Zedong.

Others just found the picture confusing: "Why is there a tiny Nicola Sturgeon speaking on a podium inside a giant Nicola Sturgeon's head?"

Thursday May 5th marks a series of elections across the UK - including a vote for 124 councils in England and the Mayor of London.

Voters in devolved areas can vote for candidates in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish Assembly, while there are also elections for police and crime commissioners.