09/05/2017 13:54 BST | Updated 09/05/2017 14:12 BST

The New York Times Brexit Tours Of Britain - Here's How To Do It Properly

Brenda from Bristol shall be your tour guide.

The New York Times has announced a $6,000 tour package showing the highlights of Brexit Britain.

In order to get a flavour of the UK in these tumultuous times, attendees will spend six days visiting London and... well, just London. 

The New York Times

Everyman highlights include a trip to the Supreme Court, lunch in a pub, afternoon tea and a Q&A with a legal expert.

Obviously the Americans can’t be trusted to get this right so HuffPost UK has helpfully corrected their itinerary. 

The 2016 referendum on the European Union broke up marriages and families and ruined Christmas for millions, as the British population decided, after more than 40 years, that peace, stability and economic prosperity were passé.

It is still unclear what Brexit will ultimately mean for the UK, politically, economically and, most crucially, in terms of access to Marmite. On this six-day journey to London with HuffPost UK experts, examine the historic implications of a historic vote.