The Traitors Winner Harry Sets The Record Straight About His Supposedly 'Lavish' Lifestyle

Harry found himself at the centre of controversy when photos of him aboard a private jet began doing the rounds.
Harry Clark on The Traitors
Harry Clark on The Traitors
BBC/Studio Lambert

The Traitors winner Harry Clark has spoken out in response to backlash over some of his recent social media posts.

During his time on the Bafta-winning BBC reality show, Harry – who played as a Traitor – said he was determined to win the show for his family, so he could afford to treat them as payback for the support they’ve shown him over the years.

However, as the show neared its finale, pictures of the army engineer aboard a private jet began doing the rounds on social media, with some fans of the show suggesting he already had a “lavish” lifestyle.

Speaking to Metro following his Traitors win, Harry insisted: “I wish I had a private jet and I wish I had the money to go on a private jet.”

“It’s a waste of money to be honest,” he continued.

Harry went on to point out that the private jet photos in question came about due to his relationship with CBBC presenter Anna Maynard, whose brothers are singers and social media personalities Conor and Jack Maynard.

“Everyone thinks I’m rich but I was very lucky to meet my other half, whose brothers have worked amazingly hard since they were 15, and I’ve somehow managed to silver-tongue my way through and weave my way into their lifestyle,” he explained.

“Everyone’s like, ‘you’ve got designer bags and this and that’. All my designer bags are fake. I wouldn’t spend that money, because it’s a waste of money.

“And I would never buy anything for myself, and anything I do have [that’s] designer, like my trainers, they were bought for me as a Christmas present.”

Harry celebrating his win with Traitors host Claudia Winkleman
Harry celebrating his win with Traitors host Claudia Winkleman
BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells

In this year’s Traitors finale, Harry came out on top, securing the £95,150 prize pot for himself alone.

A third season of The Traitors UK is due to begin filming over the summer, casting for which is now open.


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