The Weirdest Christmas Gift Requests Parents Have Received, From A Cloud To Sellotape

Forget the toy of the year, this is what kids really want 🙌

Whether it’s Hatchimals or Lol! Surprise Dolls, there always seems to be one go-to present that kids want at Christmas time. But for some children, their requests are much simpler than that – they just want roast potatoes.

Parents have been sharing the strangest gift requests they’ve ever had from their kids on Mumsnet, and they’re as weird and as wonderful as you’d expect. From the simple (sellotape) to the abstract (a cloud), it just shows you don’t always have to raid Argos to get little ones exactly what they want for Christmas.

Here are 10 of our favourites.

1. Rainbow

“When my daughter was little she wanted a rainbow for Christmas. A real rainbow. In the house I might add, not outside.”

2. Frozen Roast Potatoes

“Frozen roast potatoes for my six-year-old.”

3. Post-It Notes

“My daughter has asked for Post-It notes every year since she started school. So this year she’s got a multipack of four different shapes from Costco, a pack of Chinese ‘waving kitty’ ones, and a pack of funky fish page-marker ones.”

4. Paint

“My eight-year-old son had asked Santa for paint, however we discovered on Christmas Eve that it was a tin of paint for his wall that he wanted, cue a rush to B&Q to mix up the shade of paint he wanted. It was his favourite present that year, and his bedroom still has it on its walls years later.”

5. Sellotape

“Two years ago my daughter wanted sellotape. I’m the kind of person who is all over that sort of wish. For ages I was peeling all sorts of patterned tape off everything – we’re still using it now!”

6. A Cloud

“A cloud from my daughter. A proper cloud.”

7. Biscuits

“Aged three with a week old sister someone asked my son what he wanted for Christmas on the 23rd (why would you do that?! Presents had been bought and wrapped for weeks). Thank goodness he said...Biscuits of my own. Phew! Of course he got them.”

8. Blue Cup

″My two-year-old daughter asked for a blue cup. That child already has more cups than I know what to do with.”

9. Yellow

“When my daughter was two she wanted “yellow”, she wouldn’t elaborate and that was the only thing she asked for.”

10. Warm Towel

“My just-turned 3 -year-old dd told me today that she would like a “warm towel” for her Christmas present.”