Theresa May's Spokesman Doesn't Think The Judiciary Is Being Undermined By Brexit Challenge Media Coverage

The Mail called the judges involved 'enemies of the state'.

Theresa May’s spokesman has said that he does not think the judiciary is being undermined by extreme coverage of yesterday’s successful Article 50 legal challenge.

The Guardian reported the refused to condemn any of Friday’s front pages, despite widespread criticism of the coverage in a number of papers, including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun and Daily Telegraph.

He said: “I don’t think the British judiciary is being undermined.

“I’m not commenting on newspaper coverage.”

The comment prompted some to criticise May online...

The Daily Mail featured a line-up of the High Court judges and labelled them “enemies of the people”, while the Daily Express likened the decision to the dark days of the Second World War and claimed this was “the day democracy died”.

Others slammed the front pages as “dangerous”, “vicious” and “irresponsible”.

The backlash to yesterday’s High Court ruling from pro-Brexiters was exceptionally strong, with one of the campaigners who brought the legal challenge even receiving a string of death threats.

Gina Miller, 51, led the action against the government’s plan to commence Article 50 negotiations to leave the EU without parliament’s consent.

But Miller has received online threats, including people saying she should be “shot” and “hung”.

Politicians who spent months promising Brits they could “take back control” of their laws and sovereignty argued fiercely that elected Westminster officials should be denied the chance to debate the biggest political shake-up in modern politics.

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