These 7 Tropical Destinations Are Cheaper Than UK Staycations

Sorry, but why is Cornwall more expensive than Corfu?

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Staycations are all the rage right now for obvious reasons. But their prices? Not so great. In fact, new research by BBC Panorama and consumer group Which? found that trips around the UK can cost an average of £300 more per week in August compared to before the pandemic.

And if you were thinking of heading to Brighton – hold your horses, it looks to be the seaside resort with the highest prices, with average rental costs almost doubling.

For one night of self-catered accommodation for two people in Brighton, it would have been £109 in 2019, but is now £206 – a rise of 89% – according data by AirDNA, which monitors websites such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

Places in St Helier in Jersey increased by 76% from 2019, while Lyme Regis on the south coast jumped up 74%.

Which? also published the differences between trips in the UK and abroad, even with flights included. The group compared prices for late August getaways for two people in the UK and overses, looking at the cheapest, highly-rated hotel available in a central location, and transport costs.

Oh, you want to go to Cornwall? It's going to cost you.
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Oh, you want to go to Cornwall? It's going to cost you.

South of France versus Brighton

According to Which’s research, a coastal break in the UK, such as Brighton, will set you back £1,131, a hotel in Nice, in the south of France costs £1,085, and that’s with flights included.

Lake Garda, Italy versus Lake District

A week in Lake Windermere in England’s Lake District costs £2,424, compared to £802 for flights and accommodation for a week in Lake Garda in northern Italy.

Corfu versus Cornwall

Get ready to have your mind blown. For a luxury three-bedroom villa with an ocean view in Carbis Bay, you’re looking at £12,000 for weekend dates in mid September (it sleeps up to six people, so that’s £2,000 a person).

Meanwhile in Corfu, Greece, prices have only increased by 13%. Search the exact same dates for flights and a five-star hotel and you can find one for as little as £273 (and you’d save further if you were to share the hotel room).

Turkey versus Cheshire

For the first available weekend in September, you’re looking at £1,895 for a week’s holiday rentals in Delamere Forest, Cheshire (that’s for four bedrooms, two beds are currently sold out).

By comparison, the cost of private accommodation in Marmaris, Turkey, has increased by just 7% since 2019. A quick search on Kayak for the same September dates throws up flight and hotel deals for as little as £230 (so, for a family of four, you’d be looking at £920). Even with the PCR costs included, a trip to Marmaris would be cheaper.

Tenerife versus Dorset

A holiday home in Berehayes Farm in Dorset for two people can cost £655 (for four people, it’s £986). In comparison, you can stay in a five-star hotel near the beach in Tenerife for £210, including flights.

Costa del Sol, Spain versus Wales

The only holiday Which? found for this August that worked out cheaper in the UK than abroad was a beach break in Tenby, Wales, compared to Estepona, on the Costa del Sol in Spain – but only by £10.

The accommodation in Tenby was still more expensive than Estepona, costing £880 for seven nights in Tenby compared to £837 for seven nights in a similarly rated hotel in Estepona. Only transport costs made the Tenby break marginally cheaper, with the journey estimated at £43, while return flights to Estepona cost an estimated £96.

And just in case you were wondering what prices were like for trips further afield – you can fly to Dubai and stay in a bouji hotel (The Hilton Garden Inn) and it will only set you back £346 at the moment. Brilliant!

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