This Morning Viewer's Excited Reaction To Meeting Alison Hammond Will Put A Smile On Your Face

We can't promise we wouldn't be exactly the same if Alison surprised us on our doorstep.

Here at HuffPost UK, we’ve made no secret of our deep love for This Morning star and all-round national treasure Alison Hammond.

And judging by the events of today’s episode of This Morning, we’re not the only ones.

During today’s edition of the ITV daytime show, Alison was once again filming on location, ready to surprise one viewer who would go in to take part in the impromptu gameshow Dosh On Your Doorstep.

What she probably wasn’t counting on, though, was just how excited this viewer would be when Alison turned up.

Alison Hammond waits outside
Alison Hammond waits outside

Before things got going, Alison told Holly and Phil she was looking for “somebody very worthy… in Worthing”, after which the duo gave care assistant Hamsetu Omokaro a call to let her know what was in store.

Admittedly, this was easier said than done, as Hamsetu’s phone was initially engaged when Holly and Phil rang her up, but it was a case of second time lucky, and when Hamsetu finally clocked what was happening, she was absolutely over the moon.

And then… this happened.

Frankly, we can’t promise we wouldn’t be exactly the same if Alison turned up at our front door, particularly if she was armed with a cardboard cutout of herself.

“I am with you, babes,” Alison said. “Come out, let me see your beautiful face. We are going to play Dosh On Your Doorstep. Are you ready to play, darling?”

As Hamsetu continued jumping up and down and excitedly screaming, Alison told her: “Do you know what? I think we’d better take a break, so _ can calm down a little bit, and then we can play the game.

“I’m gonna chill her out a little bit. Give her a bit of a massage to get her ready for Dosh On Your Doorstep.”

Truly all kinds of iconic
Truly all kinds of iconic

When the show returned from an ad break, Hamsetu revealed she was hoping to use the £1000 cash prize to visit her mum in America with her four children, who had never met their grandmother.

Eventually, she won the competition’s top prize after successfully pinning a fake NTA onto the cardboard cutout of Alison she brought along for the game – a nod to the fact Alison is in the running for Best Presenter at this year’s National Television Awards.

Fingers crossed this latest broadcast can help get her topple Ant and Dec’s winning streak.

This Morning airs every weekday from 10am on ITV.


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