15/06/2021 16:11 BST

Surprise Stripping And Watermelon Crushing: Has This Morning Just Aired Its Strangest Show Ever?

Just when you think you've seen it all...

Over the years, This Morning has been responsible for more weird and wonderful moments than we could possibly begin to count, but Tuesday’s instalment was definitely up there aas one of the most random ever.

During the show, presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield led a discussion with three members of the stripping troupe the Dreamboys about how the government’s delay to easing coronavirus restrictions.

However, things took a bit of a turn when performer Zac Smith decided to seize the opportunity of being on telly to show off his *ahem* talents.

“Hold on a second,” he told Holly and Phil, as they tried to wrap up the interview. “I’ve been in a cage for a year, and I’m sure I won’t have any objections if I just let my hair down a little bit.”


“Feel free,” Holly then urged him, at which point he ripped open his shirt and declared: “With all due respect, this is what a Dreamboy is.”

Bringing his point home, he then leapt into a backflip, while his fellow dancers applauded via video-link on the screen behind him.

Believe it or not, things only got stranger from this point on.

Believe it or not, things then got even more surreal later in the episode, when Holly and Phil threw it back to 2015, when Olga Liashchuk broke the world record for crushing three watermelons between her thighs in under 15 seconds live on This Morning.

The duo then introduced Emmajane Smith, who said she wanted to break Olga’s record six years on.

“What I love about it is that it’s something everyone can relate to,” Emmajane explained. “It’s a great way to show everyone how strong women can be. And everyone knows what a watermelon is, so…” 


Although Guinness officials weren’t able to be present for Emmajane’s attempt due to Covid restrictions, she appeared to smash Olga’s record with almost two seconds to spare.

The fact the whole thing was accompanied by the sound of what appeared to be construction work as Emmajane sat on the pavement outside Television Center crushing watermelons with her thighs only added to the strangeness.

Emmajane appeared to set a new world record when she crushed three watermelons with her thighs live on ITV

We know This Morning is famous for its wacky segments, but we really think there might be something in the water at the moment, as the week started with Phil frightening Holly with some class of haunted doll.

In Monday’s show, Phil presented his co-host with an old doll, telling her: “This is allegedly absolutely rabid with spirits and ghosts.”

“And you thought you’d bring this… why?” Holly questioned, shifting even further away than the current two-metre requirement.


Oh, This Morning. Please never change. 

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