The UK Government Wants To Recruit TikTok Influencers To Help 'Stop The Boats'

Social media stars in Albania, Egypt, Iraq and Vietnam could be offered £5,000 to aid failing policy.
via Associated Press

TikTok influencers are to be tapped up by the UK government as part of a campaign to crackdown on the number of small boats crossing the English Channel.

The Times has reported the Home Office is trying to recruit social media stars in countries that account for a large amount of illegal migration to the UK.

The newspaper said TikTokers in Albania, Egypt, Iraq and Vietnam – and later Turkey and India – could be paid around £5,000 to push UK’s new immigration laws and urge their followers not to come to Britain.

A Home Office spokesman said: “People smugglers frequently use social media to peddle lies and promote their criminal activities and it is vital that we utilise the same platforms to inform migrants about the truths about crossing the Channel and coming to the UK illegally.

“We make no apologies for using every means necessary to stop the boats and save lives.”

“Stopping the boats” has been one of Rishi Sunak’s priorities since becoming prime minister.

But the policy is widely considered to have failed so far since nearly 30,000 asylum seekers came across the English Channel last year.

Plans to deport migrants to Rwanda as part of the crackdown have also been in disarray after the courts blocked the government’s planned flights.


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