This Guy Tried The Obvious Joke On A Girl Called Roxanne On Tinder. It Did Not End Well

She MAY have heard that one before.

Jolene, Lola, Billie Jean, Caroline... and Roxanne.

All examples of girls names that can be related to famous songs.

But if you have a name like this, the last thing you probably want to hear, for the upteenth time, is a joke or chat-up line related to them.

And when it comes to Tinder opening lines, you’re certainly entering dangerous terrority anyway.

So, when one guy matched with a girl called Roxanne, The Police’s 1978 hit, written by lead singer Sting, is evidently the first thing that sprung to mind.

So he wrote this.


Posting the brief exchange on Imgur, he wrote: “She unmatched me”.

Looks like Roxanne put on the red light after all.


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