Toddler Causes Chaos On ITV Lunchtime News

But Alastair Stewart keeps his cool.

A toddler caused chaos on ITV’s lunchtime news today, after coming into the studio with her mum to discuss milk allergies.

The young girl and her brother were taking part in a segment with newsreader Alastair Stewart when the rogue guest decided she didn’t want to sit still any longer and would be much comfier mounted on the desk.

The family were meant to be on the show to discuss the toddler’s allergy to milk, after new guidelines were issued today on testing babies for this potentially-deadly condition.

As Stewart was talking to the girl’s mother about managing the problem, the veteran presenter noticed the girl had started climbing across the furniture in an attempt to upstage him.

Ever the professional, he simply said: “You just carry on there,” while continuing with his line of questioning.

Later, Stewart signed off saying: “I think we’ll have a more peaceful time at 6.30, but from all of us, a very good afternoon to you.”

And when the credits rolled he is seen giving the young girl a high five.

Viewers, and other journalists have been quick to praise Stewart for the way he handled the situation.

And BBC journalist Nick Robinson even admitted that one of his children “licked the desk” when they came to visit his office.

Of course some were quick to critcise the parenting, but Stewart defended the situation.

This isn’t the first time a child has upstaged their parents on TV, back in March this year, Korea expert Robert Kelly was giving a Skype interview to the BBC when his daughter Marion swaggered into the room.

The clip went on to be shared millions of times around the world.