23/01/2017 13:33 GMT | Updated 23/01/2017 15:06 GMT

Toddler Makes Handmade Women's March Sign Of Her Own Accord, Becomes Internet Hero

She's been dubbed #WokeBaby.

A mum who took part in the Women’s March with her family was shocked when her toddler made a sign of her own accord.

Jenny Sowry and her husband Sam marched in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday 21 January. 

Before the march, the mother had explained to her nine-year-old son why it was important for him to stand up for his beliefs. He had decided to make a sign for the march.

Sowry was unaware her 22-month-old daughter had been listening and watching them, and decided to make a sign for herself.  

“[My kids] can make their own choices, but I want them to know they can speak up for what they believe in, and I think it’s important for them to see people doing that,” Sowry told BuzzFeed News

“She obviously had something to say and she did it herself.”

She said her daughter had taken it upon herself to get some card and pens and make a sign like her brother had. 

Sowry shared a photo of her daughter holding her own sign at the march on Facebook. Her colleague, Shawn Lent, shared the photo calling it the “best sign of the day”. Her photo has 7,000 likes and nearly 20,000 shares.

“This is a picture of hope,” one person commented.

Another wrote: “That is wonderful, what a little warrior.”

It wasn’t long before people started sharing the photo on Twitter, using the hashtag #WokeBaby. The slang definition of ‘woke’ refers to someone who is “aware, and knows what’s going on in the community.”

What a little hero.

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