Toddler Twins Caught On Camera Having A Party In Their Bedroom Instead Of Sleeping

Party time 🙌

The parents of two-year-old twins learnt what their toddlers really got up to after being put to bed at night, when their nighttime antics were caught on camera.

Andre and Ryan Balkin were filmed causing havoc in their bedroom by climbing out of their cots, pulling all the cushions onto the floor and jumping up and down on them.

The hilarious footage, initially shared by dad Jonathan Balkin, from New York, US, on Facebook, sees the dad coming in to tidy up and put them back to bed.

But as soon as the door is closed again, out they get.

The twins then decide to re-create their pillow mountain at the other side of the room.

They jump on the sofa, in and out of their cots, and run up and down the room.

This time, both mum and dad come in to try and diffuse the party by tidying everything back up and putting them to bed again.

But does that stop them? Of course not.

The video, posted on Fox 13 News Facebook page on 18 March, had 63 million views in just three days.

Sleep? Who needs sleep these days...