Tom Daley Fans Want To Know If He's Ever Knitted Some Trunks. The Answer Is Yes.

Is there no end to his talents?

Ever since Tom Daley was spotted knitting in the Olympic crowd earlier this week, fans have had one question – has he ever made his own (totally impractical) swimming trunks?

Well, dear reader, the answer to that is yes, he has.

The British diver is known for his love of knitting and crochet, and even has a dedicated Instagram account for the things he makes, which he often uses to help raise money for charity.

Back in October, he actually debuted a pair of crochet trunks he’d made on his @madewithlovebytomdaley account.

“I finally did it! I made some crochet trunks haha!” he wrote at the time.

“I didn’t have a pattern to follow, I just had to try and adapt some bikini bottoms to make them fit...but what do you think?”

Looking pretty good to us, Tom.

On Thursday, Tom modelled a commemorative Olympic cardigan he’d made while participating at the Tokyo 2020 Games, where he has already won his first gold.

Showing off the finished product on Instagram, Tom wrote: “When I got to Tokyo, I wanted to make something that would remind me of these games. Something that I could say I had made in Tokyo, during the Olympics!

“I did a @teamgb logo on the back, with a flag and GBR on the shoulders and Tokyo embroidered onto the front!”

After his and diving partner Matty Lee’s triumph in the men’s synchronised 10-metre event last week, Tom also knitted a special pouch to stop his gold medal from getting scratched.

He is back competing again in Tokyo on Friday in the preliminary round of the 10m platform.


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