Tom Hiddleston's 'Mystery Blonde' Is Actually Famous Historian Suzannah Lipscomb

Dear oh dear.

Everyone knows that when a male celebrity leaves a venue alongside a woman, she must be identified by her hair colour and preferably be a "mystery".

So when Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston was seen exiting a London restaurant at the same time as one, the Sun was quick to label her his "mystery blonde..."

This "mystery" woman is in fact historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb.

Lipscomb has written a number of books on Tudor England, as well as presenting history programmes on the BBC and Channel 5.

And no she is not "Hiddleston's" either.

She explained on Twitter before the story was even published that she was simply leaving the Ivy Club in central London at the same time.

A number of Lipscomb's fellow historians reacted to the story...

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