07/10/2016 14:50 BST | Updated 07/10/2016 15:07 BST

Tony Blair's Return To Politics Could See Him In These Roles. Maybe...

7) Leader of a major political party. Just not Labour...

Peter Nicholls / Reuters
This is not Tony Blair.

Tony Blair has hinted he could make a return to British politics in a revealing interview with Esquire magazine.

Reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic with virtually every Twitter commentator of any note frothing at the keyboard.

Only joking, that’s the only positive tweet we could find.

This paints a more accurate picture of the reaction...

In honour of the former prime minister’s return, HuffPost UK Comedy has scoured the internet and picture archives for some suggestions about what form his new role could actually take.

1) Portable NHS Stomach Pump

Just cart him around the streets of UK cities on a Saturday night to tend those who may be in need of a reviving “tactical vom”.

For a more widespread distribution copies of his 2014 Christmas card could be handed out to revellers. 


2) Overseas Emigration Ambassador 

Johnny Green/PA Archive
Blair in holiday mode.

One way to reduce the pressure on public services.

3) Jeremy Corbyn

According to this rigorous and extremely representative poll, Tony Blair would make a better Jeremy Corbyn than Jeremy Corbyn.

Or perhaps ‘Blorbyn’.

4) Jester


GettyWarner Bros

5) Selfie Consultant

This fantastic photoshopped selfie of Blair in front of some sort of explosion has been shared millions of time on social media over the years.

It displays superb timing, excellent contrast and filter usage, not to mention the dedication required to stand so exposed in a burning oil field.

Every politician could learn a thing or two from this.. Except Ed Miliband of course, he’s a pro.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

6) A Vital Role In Westminster

 Well, those really big turds won’t flush themselves.

 7) Leader Of A Major Political Party

Any but Labour though...