Donald Trump Denies Saying Something He Tweeted In Block Capitals Three Days Ago

'Lol your memory isn't what it used to be.'

The President of the United States has continued to push the boundaries of reality, common sense and the intelligence of his supporters, this time by making one of the most provably false statements of his term so far.

Last week the US House of Representatives, as expected, defeated a Republican “compromise” bill aimed at dealing with a crisis over immigrant children being separated from their families.

Donald Trump, apparently keen to act like he knew it was going to happen all along, tweeted that he “never pushed Republicans in the House to vote for the Immigration Bill”.

Only he did.

Three days earlier.


The 301-121 vote cleared the way for the House to debate an immigration measure more narrowly targeted at addressing family separations. That legislation, which also faces difficulties in Congress, is likely to be considered sometime this week.

The defeated bill would have provided $25 billion for Trump to build a wall along with U.S. border with Mexico, reports Reuters.


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