Donald Trump’s ‘Unhinged’ Email Has Critics Asking: ‘Is He Out Of Control?’

CNN's Jim Acosta asked if people are "getting a little too numb" to the former president's violent rhetoric.

Former US President Donald Trump drew backlash on Wednesday for his campaign’s latest fundraising email, which critics called “unhinged,” “disgusting” and dangerous.

It also had CNN’s Jim Acosta asking whether the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was truly “out of control” following his hush money trial conviction last month.

The headline of the email read: “HAUL OUT THE GUILLOTINE!”

“They want me BEHEADED after this verdict,” Trump claimed in a money-beg that Acosta shared on X, formerly Twitter. “And it’s not just me they want gone, THEY’RE REALLY COMING AFTER YOU!” the ex-POTUS added.

Trump’s latest fundraising appeal says “haul out the guillotine”

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) June 12, 2024

Trump, who in recent weeks has ramped up his rhetoric about seeking revenge on his rivals if he wins back the White House in November, asked supporters if they remembered “when that sicko Kathy Griffin made the rounds parading my BEHEADED head when I was President?!”

Comedian Griffin was investigated by the Secret Service in 2017 after she shared online a photo of her holding what resembled Trump’s severed head smeared in fake blood.

“The radical-left CHEERED! Obama and Biden were SILENT! And the Fake News BLASTED it everywhere!” the email continued, also claiming “the SAD and HORRIFIC TRUTH is that this is STILL the Sick Dream of every Trump-Deranged lunatic out there!”

Acosta suggested on the air that “nobody’s really made a big deal out of” this email and asked, “Are we getting a little too numb to this kind of rhetoric? Is it getting out of control? Is he out of control?”

Watch from the 3-minute mark here:

6.12.24 1015 am ET CNN Newsroom Anchor, Jim Acosta @acosta w/In Alphabetical Order:

CNN Political Commentator and Democratic Strategist, Maria Cardona @mariatcardona

Republican Strategist. Rina Shah @rinaindc

— Jeff Storobinsky (@jeffstorobinsky) June 12, 2024

Other critics slammed the email too:

Completely unacceptable. Beyond irresponsible. Gross. Disgusting. Unhinged.

— Amanda Carpenter (@amandacarpenter) June 12, 2024

Trump’s fundraising emails have been absolutely balls to the wall unhinged for years but to be clear this one isn’t saying “haul out the guillotine” to behead Dems or whatever, it’s implying the Dems want to do it to him. Which they don’t. But still

— Sam Clench (@SamClench) June 12, 2024

“Bring out the Guillotine”? Do you have an idea what trump supporter’s have in their minds right now?
This is irresponsible and could impress on the wrong people to do stupid things!
He will do anything to win the presidency!
He must be stopped!

— BIDEN-HARRIS (@nenavickie) June 12, 2024

Trump is a deranged violent cult leader.

In his latest campaign email to his cult he is yelling "Haul out the Guillotine."

When you open the email he blames Democrats for political violence, claiming “the sad and horrific truth is that this is still the sick dream of every…

— Feisty is proud to be a Democrat! (@FeistyLibLady) June 12, 2024


Trump is campaigning on violence. His newest fundraising email referencing using a guillotine. This is reminiscent of the “Hang Mike Pence.” chants, the make shift gallows with a noose & insurrection we witnessed on January 6th.#VOTEBLUE 💙 #SAVEDEMOCRACY

— HighlyMotivated (@cannabossNYC) June 12, 2024

“Haul out the guillotine!” Just when you thought he couldn’t sink any lower…Trump sends out fundraising email calling for the beheading of his opponents and critics.

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) June 12, 2024

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