2024 elections

Christine Cornell detailed the former US president's comportment in court.
The former president's disingenuous spin on his hush money trial whipped up anger on the right, including from his other sons Don Jr and Eric.
"I mean, is there no depth to which he will not descend?" asked Andrew Weissmann.
"I don’t think people really appreciate exactly what we are going to be in for," said Michael Steele.
Critics ridiculed the former president — who just this week called himself "Honest Don" — over his "desperate" spin on videos played in Congress.
The former president's new moniker was mercilessly mocked as the “biggest OXYMORON ever.”
"There is a place for them in my campaign," the president said of voters who'd backed Haley, who just suspended her campaign.
Jason Palmer won the American Samoa Democratic caucus.
The former South Carolina governor still isn’t close to surpassing his delegate count. But it's her second primary win, and victory sure tastes delicious.
For weeks, voters have pledged to turn their back on Biden over his policy on Gaza — and early returns show a significant protest vote.