Turns Out We're All Using Our Pets As An Excuse To Skip Sex

Forget 'having a headache'...
Lourdes Balduque via Getty Images

Okay, let’s be real – sometimes we’re just not in the mood to have sex with our partner and in a bid to preserve their feelings from getting we look for valid excuses.

A headache! That time of the month! It’s cold! Well, it turns out that a whole lot of us in the UK are using a completely different excuse.

Our pets.

Yes really – nearly 1 million UK adults have admitted to using their pet sleeping on the bed as an excuse not to have sex with their partner, a new study has revealed.

The research, conducted by luxury British pet brand Lords and Labradors, explored how the sleeping habits of the nation’s beloved pets are impacting their sex lives, as well as how many UK adults admit to putting their love for their pet above their partner.

According to the findings, four in ten Brits said that allowing their furry friends to sleep on the bed has (unsurprisingly) affected their sex life in some way (41%).

One in nine (11%) confessed their pets sleeping arrangements have affected their sex life as they feel too guilty to move their four-legged friend when they find them napping on the bed.

And a fifth will only have sex if they can actually bring themselves to move their snoozing pet (23%) from the bed, according to the research.

Double the number of women (14%) say that their dog sleeping on the bed has affected their sex lives and meant they’re having less sex because they feel more guilty moving their pet than men do (7%).

And it’s not just bedroom habits that are diving couples when it comes to pets – Lords and Labradors also quizzed participants on the quality time spent with their pet versus that spent with their lover and found that Brits are spending an average of seven hours quality time per day with their pets, versus six hours with their partner.

And according to the findings, women are reserving more quality time for their pets (eight hours per day on average), then they are for their other halves (six hours).

Well, maybe pets are a (wo)man’s best friend after all.