From A Spider Surprise To Boris Bashing: How Twitter Reacted To Coverage Of The Queen's Funeral

Here's how social media saw the day.

It was a solemn day for the nation. But on social media, people were taking a more sideways look at the Queen’s state funeral.

Here’s just some of the quirkier, unintended highlights of the day seen through Twitter’s prism.

Archbishop of Canterbury v Boris Johnson?

During his sermon at the funeral, the Archbishop of Canterbury told the congregation the outpouring of emotion for the Queen “arises from her abundant life and loving service, now gone from us”.

Justin Welby told mourners: “People of loving service are rare in any walk of life. Leaders of loving service are still rarer.

“But in all cases those who serve will be loved and remembered when those who cling to power and privileges are forgotten.”

Many thought he was pointedly referring to the recently departed prime minister.

Who is the tall man?

An “impossibly tall” mourner walking in the Queen’s procession caught many people’s attention.

Towering above soldiers and sailors, Matthew Magee, who stands at 7 feet 2 inches tall, was appointed by the Queen as her assistant private secretary in 2018.

Spider surprise

Several people on social media noted the appearance of a spider on the Queen’s coffin as the ceremony took place.

The creature was seen crawling across a piece of card placed on the coffin alongside the crown and a floral display.

Mike Tindall’s medals

The Queen’s granddaughter Zara Tindall arrived with her husband Mike, the former England rugby union international.

But why was the non-military man wearing four medals?, Twitter asked.

“What did Mike Tindall do to get four military medals? Watching Dad’s Army?”, wrote one.

Another said: “What medals has Mike Tindall got? Has he got his World Cup Winners medal pinned to his jacket?”

Reports noted one represented his award of a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2007 for his contribution to rugby, and another was the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

The silver medal, which bears the Queen’s face, was gifted to Tindall as a member of the royal family, and the last is the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal.

Where’s Prince Louis?

The future King, Prince George, and his sister, Princess Charlotte, remained impeccably behaved through a long and solemn day as they bid farewell to their beloved “Gan Gan”.

But the prince and princess’ four-year-old brother, Prince Louis, was not present, and many on Twitter began to speculate.


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