archbishop of canterbury

"The present position is untenable," the former Great British Bake Off host has concluded.
The TV presenter publicly criticised the Archbishop after he “affirmed the validity” of a past declaration that gay sex is a sin.
"You didn’t have other more pressing matters like, I don’t know, war or poverty?"
The furious condemnation from every bishop in the House of Lords is contained in a letter to The Times.
Head of the Church of England urges the nation to be more “open and forgiving”.
The prime minister appeared rattled over questions about the partygate scandal and claims he criticised the BBC.
Justin Welby uses Easter sermon to mount outspoken attack on Boris Johnson's asylum policy.
Justin Welby later said it was “never right to make comparisons with the atrocities brought by the Nazis”.
Justin Welby's remarks come as the church's national assembly backed a motion to apologise for racism encountered.