UK Weather: 15 Tweets Capturing The Very British Struggle Through This Heatwave

It's the second-hottest day ever, so all you can do is keep smiling.

There’s nothing like a freak weather event to get us Brits complaining – or, for that matter – doing slightly odd things to get through it.

And today’s blockbuster heatwave was no exception.

From topless train journeys to wet wipes on foreheads – here are some of the unusual things that happened in the name of survival.


These pigs got ice lollies

Will failed miserably

People worked in actual fridges to keep cool

Helen’s dad nailed it

Jenny gave us some inspiration

iPhones said: We’ve had enough

Parag had the right idea

And so did these M&S staff

This scene became familiar

#wartimespirit was a thing

Some advice for coping on the Underground

This woman seems to have gone one step further

One from the archives: remembering when the Guardian abandoned its heatwave live blog ...

And former prime minister Theresa May was a mood


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