How To Keep Cool On The Cheap In Hot Weather

Cooling gel pillow, come at me.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or hiding in an air conditioned apartment with the windows closed, you might have noticed it’s a bit hot in the UK.

With Brits more used to inclement, cloudy, and generally disappointing summer weather we’re suffering a tad with this heatwave - which could stretch on for the rest of the summer.

We’ve rounded up five affordable hacks for keeping cool whether you’re commuting, at home, or out and about.

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Make the most of your freezer.

There are several ways you can use ice to make the heat more bearable, starting with using it in drinks. If you usually drink coffee on the way to work or on the school run, swap that disposable cup for a reusable one and make yourself an iced coffee instead. You could also get creative and buy your own syrups to make fancy iced lattes and coolers.

The same goes for water. Freeze one bottle of water overnight to keep in your bag the next morning – you can sip it as it melts. And if you’re a bit hot on the tube, who’s going to judge you for using it as a portable icepack for your forehead? Nobody, because that would be a great idea.

A more unusual way to use the freezer is to stick your sheets or pillow cases in there for half an hour before bed. Lovely.

Invest in cooling clothing and gadgets.

A handheld fan is an obvious and effective way to keep yourself cool, and you could snap one up from around £2 from lots of online and high street stores including Boots and Argos. Magicool Hot Weather Cooler, a spray you can use on your face for instant cooling, is also a handy hack.

Or if you’re feeling extra chic, Tiger is selling old fashioned folding paper fans that you can decorate yourself with paints that are included.

Hello, cooling towel.
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Hello, cooling towel.

For some light relief when leaving the house, you could also stick a lightweight scarf or bandana in the freezer overnight after it’s been soaked in water to wear around your neck, though it won’t stay cool for long.

Or for some longer term relief you could buy a Tie Chilly Neck Cooler for less than £12, which has a cooling strip inside that is frozen prior to use, or some wrist coolers for around the same price.

Cooling towels are also a great way to stay cool in the heat. They contain microfibres that supposedly keep cool when wet, and they can also come in handy portable capsules such as these Bogi Cooling Towels.

Keep your bedroom cool.

One of the worst things about long summer nights is how hot and stuffy it is when you’re trying to get to sleep. The best way to keep your room cool is to open the windows and turn a fan on before you go to bed.

Everybody needs a gel pillow for a pillow.
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Everybody needs a gel pillow for a pillow.

But there are also other ways you can stay cool. For example, you could invest in a cooling gel pillow or swap your duvet for a cotton sheet.

Or if the weather really has got to you - you could always buy yourself a cooling mat designed for dogs, such as this one from B&M but use it for yourself...