24/03/2017 11:27 GMT | Updated 24/03/2017 11:34 GMT

UK Weather: Met Office Forecasts A Sunny Spring Weekend With A Chance Of Record Breaking Highs

Mr Blue Sky.

After a sketchy few days in the world of weather, it’s a relief to learn the UK should be enjoying a clear, sunny spring day on Saturday.

What’s more, there could be record breaking highs in some parts.

The process of warming up is already underway with increasing amounts of sunshine across the country – save for Devon and Cornwall which will remain enveloped in gloom.

InstCaner via Getty Images
There (should be) blue skies ahead  

Much of the south east and parts of the Midlands are still blighted with wind and cloud, which are likely to linger through until tomorrow.

Though Saturday will be a sparkler, it won’t quite be beach weather, with temperatures in the south east predicted to reach 12 at most due to the breeze.

It’ll be a different picture in the west however, with western Wales likely to see the mercury nudge 18C – beating the top temperature of 17.4C recorded so far this year.

Sunday is likely to be a more subdued event, bleeding thorough to Monday – but by Tuesday the sun will have returned and we could be seeing highs of 20C depending on cloud.