14/03/2017 10:55 GMT | Updated 15/03/2017 09:03 GMT

UK Weather: Met Office Forecast Temperatures As Hot As Ibiza This Week

And it will be hotter than Marrakech!

Get ready to bare that pallid flesh to the masses – the mercury is likely to hit a sweltering 18C on Tuesday.

The hottest spots of Britain will be the Midlands and east Anglia, with central and eastern regions topping 15C, and Wales striving for a solid 17C. In comparison, Ibiza is set to reach 18C, while temperatures in Marrakech will reach a paltry 15C, ho ho.

What’s more, a spokesman for the Met Office said temperatures may well better the forecast if there are longer breaks in the clouds.

Nachosuch via Getty Images
As hot as Ibiza... (file picture) 

Given that the average temperature for March in the UK is 8.9C and 9.8C in England, this puts us at around a whopping 10C hotter than normal for this time of year.

It will remain relatively mild into Wednesday, with a weak cold front coming southwards and peppering the north with blustery winds and some showers, though temperatures will remain in the mid teens.

Unfortunately, the warm spell is not here to stay and by the weekend we can expect the weather to be much more changeable, feeling much cooler with patchy rain.

The hottest day of the year so far was on February 20th, with Kew Gardens and Northolt in London nudging 18.3C.

Preliminary statistics from the Met Office show the 2016/17 winter has been dry and mild compared to the long-term average, and indeed early February figures show a milder than average month to end the season.