Ukraine Mocks Solitary Russian Tank Used In Parade Meant To Show Off Military Might

Kyiv dubbed it the "loneliest little tank in the world".
Contributor via Getty Images

Ukraine took aim at Russia over its Victory Day parade on Tuesday, pointing out how it had just one military tank in the performance in Moscow’s Red Square.

The annual occasion is meant to celebrate Russia’s military might and act as a reminder of how the Soviet Union beat Nazi Germany in World War 2.

But, since invading Ukraine under the guise of supposedly “de-Nazifying” the country, Russia’s military strength has been called into question.

After all, Vladimir Putin initially advertised it as a three-day “special military operation” – it’s now become a bloody war which has stretched out beyond a year.

So it’s no surprise that the Ukrainian defence ministry took aim at Russia over its slimmed-down Victory Day on Tuesday.

In a tweet explaini that their own video was a tribute to Moscow, the Ukrainian government organisation said: “This ‘Victory Day’ Russia had exactly one tank rolling down Red Square.

“A T-34, first produced in 1940. To the loneliest little tank in the world, best of luck!”

The clip was accompanied by Eric Carmen’s famous hit ‘All By Myself’ to really hammer the point home.

Victory Day was a much less elaborate affair this year, presumably fears that Ukraine could launch its highly-anticipated counteroffensive at any minute.

The celebrations were even cancelled altogether in 20 municipalities of Russia closer to the Ukrainian border.

Russian officials are also particularly twitchy after a strange drone attack on the Kremlin last week which Ukraine claims it was not responsible for.

The parade through Red Square is normally the main event of the day, but the public were not allowed to watch it this year due to ramped up safety measures.

No planes or helicopters were included in this parade, either. Last year, there were more than 130 pieces of military equipment included in the parade.

Russia is thought to be low on equipment, particularly tanks, after months of devastating battles while Ukraine’s supplies have been bolstered by support from its Western allies.

Earlier this year, Germany and its allies agreed to send 88 of highly-prized Leopard 2 battle tanks while the Biden administration sent 31 M1 Abrams tanks – both were expected to give Ukraine the edge over Russia, which used T-model tanks which can’t reverse at speed.


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