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Unique Baby Names: Parenting Website's List Of Previously Popular Names Likely To Go Extinct

Would you go for a traditional name?

If you’re looking for a unique baby name, you might be interested in the traditional monikers predicted to go extinct.

Parenting website BabyCentre released a list of names that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but have not been registered at all in the past couple of years. They studied their database of the UK mums who gave birth in 2017 and registered their baby names on the site. 

The result was a list of 36 once-popular names likely to go extinct.  

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Some names aren’t as unique as you’d think, including Angela, Carol and Debra for girls and Derek, Duncan and Wayne for boys.

However others are quite distinctive, including Bertram, Cecil, Cyril, Horace and Ernest.

Would you pick a traditional name for your newborn? Have a browse of the list below.

Baby names likely to go extinct 

1. Angela

2. Bertram

3. Beverley

4. Cecil

5. Carol

6. Clarence

7. Clive

8. Cyril

9. Debra

10. Diane

11. Donna

12. Dean

13. Doris

14. Dennis

15. Derek

16. Duncan

17. Elaine

18. Ernest 

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19. Geoffrey

20. Horace

21. Joanne

22. Leonard

23. Maureen

24. Malcolm

25. Nigel

26. Neville

27. Paula

28. Roy

29. Sally

30. Sandra

31. Sharon

32. Sheila

33. Tracey

34. Wendy

35. Yvonne

36. Wayne.

For more baby name inspiration and to browse unique and popular names, head to BabyCentre’s website. 

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