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Five Unlikely Style Icons Of 2017

From Celine Dion to that Ikea bag

2017 has been an odd year, a mishmash you could say, with the seemingly everyday taking on a dramatic flair and fashionistas seeking inspiration in unlikely places.

So, we’ve compiled a list of five style icons that in the innocence of the months preceding 2017, you would not have predicted having a bearing on our wardrobes this year.

1. Celine Dion 

High couture? Check.

Vetements and Gucci? Check.

Eating fries after serving looks over the frier? Goals. 

2. The String Grocery Bag. 

You’re at the supermarket but you haven’t bought your eco tote - no worries, your netted bag will fit more than your necessities.

The basket bag went into overdrive this summer with nearly 36,000 hashtags used, so the string shopping bag was just the minimal step forward.

If you’re fancy, your bag will also have some kind of bamboo handle. Not fantastic for small keys, privacy or the day you want to convert your small change into bills. 

3. The Handmaid’s Tale 

The iconic novel began its hit TV show on HBO in 2017 (also directed by Margaret Atwood herself). What seemed eerily apt politically, with women marching for their rights, was also inspiring to many fashion houses.

The monochromatic (especially in blocks of red) and humbling styling was seen repeatedly throughout the year. The dystopian read became the new fashion bible. Let’s hope the reality is not further mirrored too. 

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4. Fruity Nails

Your five-a-day was no longer just a way to. keep the doctor at bay in 2017. Styled pleasantly in photographs or across T-shirts, the fruit trend looks like one which isn’t going away, especially fruity nails.

From pineapples and fruity cocktails to infamous avocados, these manis give us yet another reason to embrace mother nature. 

5. Shopping Chic

It’s a Saturday and you want to be comfortable. So you grab your Ikea large blue bag (or is it Balenciaga?) in case you purchase anything on your morning stroll.

Maybe put on your DHL top which was secretly a guilty Vetements purchase and add in your bejewelled (again Balenciaga) crocs for that extra comfort.  

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This was the year of the ironic copy cat.