Sheffield Restaurant Apologises After Putting Insensitive 'Weinstein' Burger On Menu

Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers was accused of "normalising rape and porn culture".

A restaurant which sold burgers named after disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein has apologised and changed its menu following outrage over the “tone deaf” dish.

Newly-opened Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers in Sheffield, inspired by “dirty burgers and dirty antics”, was condemned for its “Weinstein” burger which it has since taken off the menu.

Dozens of women have accused the ex-Hollywood mogul of sexually abusing them – revelations which sparked the #MeToo movement against harassment and abuse.

The 66-year-old was arrested on rape and other charges in May, and later released on bail.

A statement on the Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers Facebook page, posted on Thursday evening, read: “Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers Sheffield would like to genuinely apologise for any offence it has caused for its insensitive naming of the Weinstein burger. And as such have amended our menu.”

The business added: “At no point does Randy’s look to glamourise or promote sexual assault towards any member of the community.

“We realise our mistake and trust that the People of Sheffield accept our sincere apologies and understand that we are guilty of nothing more than poor taste.

“Apologies once again from Randy’s.”

Not all agreed with the move but the apology was mostly rejected, with some Facebook users questioning how the name was approved in the first place.

“You absolute muppets,” wrote Ed Cartledge.

“How this ever got approved is completely beyond me. I’m deeply embarrassed for you and your tone deaf staff.”

Stephanie Cooper simply wrote: “Too late. F*** off.”

Other names on the restaurant menu allude to inappropriate settings, including a burger named “Fake Taxi” and “Ca$ting Couch”.

Sarah Birch asked: “What about the rest of your menu? The Weinstein reference wasn’t the only reference to famous rapists or situations where women have been raped or sexually assaulted was it?”

Restaurant manager Kishayne Wright told the Sheffield Star he “understood where people’s criticism was coming from”.

“When we were doing the menu we didn’t think people were going to be so sensitive about it.

“It’s not like we are encouraging people to commit sexual acts.”

A Manchester branch of the same restaurant denied it had any connection to the Sheffield site.

“Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers in Sheffield is an independent off shoot and not part of the same company,” a tweet from them read.

“Randy’s MCR never have and never will sell this burger or glamorise sexual assault.”

HuffPost UK has approached Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers Sheffield for comment.