07/04/2017 10:39 BST

Mum-To-Be Appeals For Advice On Mumsnet As She Worries Her Baby Name Choice Is 'Too Weird'

What do you think?

A mum has appealed to users on Mumsnet to ask whether her baby name choice is a bit “too weird”.

The mum, who goes by Cheesecake7, said she heard the name on Channel 4’s ‘Mutiny’, but wanted others’ opinions. 

“Bligh - I love it, but worried it’s too strange,” she wrote

“Also would it be even stranger to use it for a girl when it is a boys’ (though very uncommon) name? Or should I just forget it altogether?” 

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People commenting on the thread agreed that it was a bit “out there”, with many suggesting the name Blythe instead.

“I’d probably go for Blythe instead for a girl,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Bligh just sounds like blight to me and blight isn’t exactly a positive word. What about Blythe?”

And another mum wrote: “Prefer Blythe but if it floats your boat.”

There were a lot of other suggestions - mainly because people weren’t sure on the name. 

One mum picked out other character’s names from the programme, with one writing: “Or Fletcher. Is Fletcher Christian in Mutiny? Assuming Mutiny is the same as Mutiny on the Bounty.”

Another thought she should change the name: “Could you spell it Bly to counteract anyone saying it looks like Blight?

“It’s definitely a way of spelling the surname as I had a friend with that surname.”

And another decided to list the negative consequence of having the name, writing: “I’d envisage a lifetime of mispronunciations and spelling it for people.

“I like feminine names, or strong names, maybe even classic names, but this is a kind of nothing name.”

Blunt, to say the least. 

The mum didn’t find the suggestions too helpful and replied: “Ahh not too keen on Blythe. And Fletcher is a nice name but expecting a girl and just liked the name Bligh.”

What do you think? 

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