We're Losing Our Minds Over The Original Concept Art For Gaston

No-one serves like Gaston.
Walt Disney Studios

No-one serves like Gaston, it turns out.

It’s been 32 years since the original animated Disney flick Beauty and the Beast was released, but as any Disney adult will tell you, there’s no limit on how long we can celebrate the fim for.

The film is an absolute classic with hits such as Be Our Guest and a heartfelt story about how love can help even the most hardened of hearts – but forget all of that for now because what we really should be focusing on is just how much of a serve the original sketches for villain Gaston were.

X (formerly Twitter) user Tom Zohar shared the original sketches saying, “I will never get over Disney’s original concept for Gaston where he was extremely gay and cunty”.

Why do the original drawings look so different from the final piece?

If you’re not familiar, the Gaston from the original film looks nothing like these sketches. He’s rugged, extremely muscly, and is very outdoorsy looking with thick leather gloves and boots.

According to one of the original animators, this is because the production went in a completely different direction with Gaston’s character. In a blog post from 2013, animator Andreas Deja said that while the original character was also vain and “full of himself” like the villain we already love to hate, he wasn’t outdoorsy.

Andreas went on to say that the original character wore expensive clothes, had servants and had never worked a day in his life.

While most of us can likely agree that the finished piece really brought Gaston’s menacing character to life, we’ll still mourn what could have been with this camp king.

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