11 Times British Politics Went Full 'The Thick Of It' In 2016

'I'll be with you in two shakes of a crying baby.'

Now silly season is over and British politics slowly grinds back into motion after the summer recess, it’s easy to forget that just two months ago Westminster looked a little something like this...

The EU referendum and everything that led up to it provided a multitude of moments worthy of being included in a hilarious satirical political comedy.

Only they were real which was terrifying.

Then, after the chaos of a new prime minister and the fallout from the vote Labour kindly stepped up to provide much cringeworthy entertainment in what would have been a rather dull summer recess.

Inevitably this has led some to ask...

Here’s a round up of the best 11 moments

1) When Tom Watson had to cut his Glastonbury trip short because Labour was imploding.

In the aftermath of the EU referendum vote, Jeremy Corbyn’s MPs began to jump ship in droves.

Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, had been enjoying a lovely can of scrumpy up to his ankles in Glastonbury mud when it all kicked off forcing him to make a hasty exit.


2) When Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t open a door.

Pursued by a Sky News reporter asking some awkward questions about anti-semitism in the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn tried to make a hasty exit by entering a nearby building.

Cue awkward number-punching and buzzer ringing as he failed to gain entry.

3) When Boris Johnson and Michael Gove gave a doom-laden Brexit victory speech.

Just look at BoJo’s little face.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Obviously hindsight is a glorious thing and BoJo was all smiles again when he was - to the surprise of the nation - named as foreign secretary.

4) The time people thought Zac Goldsmith was the Croydon Cat Killer.

Back in April an incredibly sick and twisted individual was reportedly roaming the streets of Croydon and killing cats in cold blood.

About 50 pets were believed to have been killed and dismembered across London, with the RSPCA confirming 20 have “undoubtedly” been slaughtered by a human.

And the main suspect? Well according to Twitter it was none other than Zac Goldsmith.

We’re fairly sure Twitter is mistaken but that didn’t stop people speculating anyway.

5) #TrainGate

Earlier this month Jeremy Corbyn caught a train.

Corbyn couldn’t get a seat because it was “ram-packed”.

Corbyn’s team filmed the incident as an example of the case for re-nationalising the railways.

Things weren’t quite as they seemed though and there were actually seats available.

Cue the scandal of the century: #TRAINGATE!!!

Oh Jeremy.

And while we’re talking about Mr Corbyn...

6) When Jeremy Corbyn launched his vision for the internet and failed at using the internet.

Corbyn took to a London stage on Tuesday to extoll his vision for the future of the internet.

Not that you would have known however as a series of ironic glitches and blunders meant a lot of people couldn’t watch it online.

Firstly, the Facebook Live feed of the#DigitalDemocracy manifesto didn’t seem to be working.

And there was further embarrassment as a graphic used repeatedly on the Labour leader’s Twitter feed showed an incorrect URL.

Oh dear.

7) When Angela Eagle announced her Labour leadership bid but all the journalists were at something more interesting.

Angela Eagle was abandoned by members of the press as her formal Labour leadership challenge announcement in July clashed with Andrea Leadsom’s departure from the Tory leadership race.

On a level of 1 to cringe it was total cringe.

8) Angela Eagle’s face when she heard Boris Johnson had been made foreign secretary.

This one speaks for itself.

9) When Ken Livingstone did this...

The former Mayor of London was branded a Nazi apologist by MPs from his own party on a day that surpassed surreal.

And did he stop mentioning Hitler? Did he hell...

10) The time Sir Bob Geldof thought he spoke for the common man by calling Nigel Farage a wanker whilst sailing down the Thames.

Of all the events around EU referendum, the Brexit Armada was probably the most surreal.

After the Ukip leader led a flotilla of fishing boats up the river towards Parliament this afternoon to protest against EU fishing policies, Geldof steered a counter measure against the flotilla, and from his own boat heckled the Ukip leader through a loud speaker system.

<strong>A boat carrying supporters for the Remain in the EU campaign including Sir Bob Geldof (C) shout and wave at Brexit fishing boats as they sail up the river Thames.</strong>
A boat carrying supporters for the Remain in the EU campaign including Sir Bob Geldof (C) shout and wave at Brexit fishing boats as they sail up the river Thames.

11) And the most ‘Thick Of It’ moment of all...

Sky News

Sorry Labour but it’s Jeremy again.

Perhaps it’s the pained look on Corbyn’s face?

Or maybe it’s the sheer panic on Tom Watson’s eyes?

Or it could just simply be the fact Corbyn’s aide is called Seamus, but whatever it is, this aborted meeting after the Labour leader invited the TV cameras in to his new-look top team in June was incredible...

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