Teenager Gulps Down Live Goldfish At Funfair In Neknominate Stunt (VIDEO)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 17.04.2014 | UK

Appalling footage of a teenager apparently swallowing a live goldfish at a funfair has emerged. The clip was posted to YouTube on 5 April, along w...

Solicitor Who Left Dog To Die Is Jailed

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 09.04.2014 | UK

A trainee solicitor who locked her pet dog in a kitchen and left it to die has been jailed for 18 weeks. Katy Gammon, 27, moved out of her home in ...

Horrifying Images Show Goose With Lower Beak Torn Off (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 28.03.2014 | UK

Animal welfare experts are appealing for help after a goose was spotted in a Yorkshire park with the lower half of its beak missing. The Canada go...

GRAPHIC: What Kind Of Person Treats Their Pet Like This?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 21.03.2014 | UK

These heartbreaking images show the torture an emaciated dog endured under the hands of his cruel owner. Fly the lurcher had to be put down by a ve...

Warning For Pet Owners After 3 Dogs Are Killed By Poisoned Meat In North London Park

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 19.03.2014 | UK

Dog owners are being urged to be vigilant after three canines were killed by eating poison in a north London park. Two bull Lurchers and a Springe...

Rescued From Death's Door: You Will Not Believe How Happy & Healthy This Dog Is Looking Now

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 17.03.2014 | UK

Riddled with sores, his hair all but gone and his ribs protruding, it’s hard to believe this dog is even alive. But he is, and the transformatio...

Children 'As Young As Six' Seen Feeding Live Cat To Pair Of Dogs

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.03.2014 | UK

The RSPCA is investigating reports that two children fed a live cat to two dogs. Two children, thought to be as young as six, fed a helpless tabby ...

Dogs And Owners Trot Up To Birmingham For Crufts

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 06.03.2014 | UK

Owners and dogs have gathered in Birmingham for the annual pet-fest that is Crufts, the world’s most famous pooch show. This year more than 21,500 h...

The C Word: Is Crufts Harmful to Dogs?

Violet Owens | Posted 05.03.2014 | UK
Violet Owens

Many people will be horrified to learn that underneath the glossy veneer of the UK's biggest beauty pageant for dogs, lies the ugly fact that the way some of our favourite breeds of dog have been bred to look, can cause them chronic discomfort, pain and suffering throughout their lives and can even lead to their premature or painful deaths.

'This Cruel Craze Is Getting Out Of Hand': Neknomination Fad Blasted By RSPCA

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 15.02.2014 | UK

The RSPCA has told the Huffington Post UK they are "absolutely horrified" by the influx of animal cruelty complaints they have been receiving related ...

Shocking Fox Hunt Picture Shows Men Slaughtering An Animal In Front Of Children

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 27.01.2014 | UK

This disturbing image shows three young children looking on as a fox is dragged from a hole before being brutally killed. Released by anti-fox hunt ca...

The Curious Case of Bobi the Disabled Bulgarian Dog

Dr Daniel Allen | Posted 23.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Daniel Allen

Bobi was a political pawn, used by the media to condemn the RSPCA. In this case, the two charities in question were both doing the right thing in relation to the remit of their policies. The media hysteria, public bias and negative publicity meant that the death of Bobi would have haunted the RSPCA in 2014.

'Elderly' Chihuahua Left On Train – Come On Internet, Let's Reunite Him With His Owners! (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK

Animal welfare officers are desperately trying to trace the owners of an “elderly” Chihuahua who was left on a train last week. The sandy-colo...

This Bloke Thinks He Has A Good Excuse For This...

Huffington Post UK/Rex Features | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

Matthew Coffin knew his soon-to-be-visiting nephew was a bit of a tearaway so he decided his pet kitten needed some acclimatisation. The best techn...

Has The RSPCA Become A 'Sinister And Nasty' Charity?

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK

The RSPCA has become a "sinister and nasty" organisation, the head of the Countryside Alliance has warned. General Sir Barney White-Spunner has eve...

Will Your Pet Get a Christmas Stocking?

Karin Sieger | Posted 16.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Karin Sieger

A recent survey by the RSPCA (1) has revealed that 55% of pets will get one. According to the figures we spend £300m on our pets at Christmas. Almost all pet owners surveyed will buy a present for their animal chum, with just over half saying they will spend up to £10.

Things You Can Do to Help Stray Dogs

Ryan Harrison | Posted 10.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Ryan Harrison

Some dogs are genuinely scared of humans and will run from you when they see you. You have to try to build up trust with the dog. Leaving some treats in an area where it frequents is one way of doing this. Keep some dog treats in your pocket and put one on the ground, before walking away again...

Devil Cat Shiny Is 'Not Psychotic'

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 05.02.2014 | UK

Hey remember this guy? Despite his butter-wouldn’t-melt appearance, he was said to be responsible for a one-cat crime wave in the Cornish villag...

'We're Living In Misery': Residents Want Shiny The 'Devil Cat' Put Down For Violent Attacks

Huffington Post UK/ SWNS | Sara C Nelson | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

UPDATE: Devil Cat Shiny Is 'Not Psychotic', Animal Therapist Says A cat with a reputation for attacking children, cats, dogs and even bursting into...

We've Lost Trust in Pre-prepared Food After Horsemeat Scandal

Helen Coen | Posted 24.12.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Helen Coen

Where our food comes from is a hot topic, and people have lost trust in pre-prepared food - especially after the horsemeat scandal which hit the media in May this year.

Can Higher Welfare School Packed Lunches Be Affordable?

Helen Coen | Posted 30.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Helen Coen

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the number of higher welfare products available. It's true that some cost a little more, but I discovered lots of deals on Freedom Food-labelled products.

Help Us Take Ducks to Water

Dr Marc Cooper | Posted 20.09.2013 | UK
Dr Marc Cooper

Ducks need access to water. This isn't surprising. After all, they're water birds. So you might think that the duck you buy has come from birds that have had access to open water. However, there are no UK legal requirements to provide ducks with water for anything other than drinking.

The Truth About Veal

John Avizienius | Posted 17.09.2013 | UK
John Avizienius

Have you ever eaten veal? If not, you're not alone. Many people don't understand what veal is or think it's cruel because it comes from calves killed at a young age. Surely it's better to ensure they are treated well, and produce higher welfare meat from them, than let them go to waste as a simple by-product?

New RSPCA Chicken Welfare Initiative: Another Reason to Buy Freedom Food

Dr Marc Cooper | Posted 14.09.2013 | UK
Dr Marc Cooper

Better information about the health and welfare of different chicken breeds can help farmers make informed decisions about the breeds they choose to rear and, just like independent reviews of other products we buy, it could also allow retailers and shoppers to make informed choices about the chicken meat they select.

LOOK: Lamb Whose Ears Were Hacked Off Wears Homemade Bonnet For Protection From Sunburn

SWNS | Sara C Nelson | Posted 18.08.2013 | UK

A newborn lamb who had his ears callously hacked off has been nursed back to health thanks to a cotton bonnet that stops him getting earache and sunbu...