Yep, That's Andrea Bocelli In The New John Lewis Christmas Ad – But Who's He Singing With?

The legendary Italian performer recorded an original track for the new festive campaign.
Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

John Lewis has taken a noticeably different approach when it comes to the soundtrack to their latest festive advert.

While previous Christmas campaigns for the British retailer have been accompanied by somber covers of pop songs, for their latest offering, they’re keeping things noticeably more upbeat.

If you’ve already seen the newly-released ad, you no doubt picked up the iconic voice of Andrea Bocelli straight away, performing Festa, an original track written just for the advert and approved by the man himself.

But what you might not have recognised were the musicians who joined him on the song.

John Lewis' new Christmas ad introduces is to Snapper the Venus flytrap
John Lewis' new Christmas ad introduces is to Snapper the Venus flytrap
John Lewis

Alongside Andrea Bocelli, the Italian pop duo Le Feste Antonacci feature on the track, which they wrote and recorded themselves.

The musical act is made up of Leonardo Rizzi and Lecchi D’Alessandro, who began releasing music together in 2018.

You can have a listen to some of Le Feste Antonacci’s previous work in the clips below:

Alongside the advert, a longer version of Festa is to be released as a single, with a portion of the proceeds going to John Lewis’ charity partners, which aim to provide care for “experienced young people and families in need”.

Enthusing about the collaboration, Andrea Bocelli said: “I am delighted to take part in this wonderful and unique tradition of Christmas storytelling.

“It is very special for me given the great support this will bring to both the John Lewis and Andrea Bocelli foundations. Joy to all of your worlds this Christmas!”.


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